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OSU Speech Development Lab Dyselxia Research


Decoding Dyslexia OH is sharing this email from COBIDA (Central Ohio Branch International Dyslexia Association) in the hopes of reaching more children with dyslexia.  Please see Flyer packet 2013 for more details on how your child can participate in this research project that began in 1988 and has been continuously funded by the National Institutes of Health.


we needyou to make it happen 1OSU Dept of Otolaryngology is doing some fascinating research on kids with dyslexiaSusan Nittrouer, PhD, Director of Research, asked if we could help her find some dyslexic kids.  They want to research how dyslexic kids process sound and language features.  This could be groundbreaking research, more finely tuned than the fMRI studies that show different locations of processing.

Please see the below flyer and sign-up form.  COBIDA is encouraging folks to contact Dr. Nittrouer’s office and volunteer.  Please pass this along.  Let’s get together and help some outstanding researchers help us all better understand dyslexia. We’re trying to reach every parent, advocate, and therapist in the Central Ohio area.

Thanks for your help!!

Dorothy Morrison
President, COBIDA
Flyer packet 2013
Sign Up Form