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Daymond John on Dyslexia

Daymond JohnThe Shark Tank‘s Daymond John shares these words of wisdom not only as someone that knows first hand the struggles of having  dyslexia, but also the struggles we parents face with our children affected by dyslexia.  Daymond John posted this on his facebook page, and it has been copied and pasted here verbatim to share with a wider audience.  Daymond John hits the nail on the head with his post, and the bolded sections of text were added here to add emphasis to his comments.

Whenever the episode of shark Tank airs that I mention I’m dyslexic.  I then get many inquiries from parent about it.  I also get a lot of other dyslexics showing me love because they know that it’s not a weakness, it’s just a different way of learning. 

Some people think that I’m joking.  I am far from joking about dyslexia.  It is a serious matter especially for our children.  Not because it’s a hindering disease that some people act like it is.  Not because you are unable to learn and dyslexia is another word for stupid.  Both of those assumptions couldn’t be farther from the truth. 

The reason why dyslexia is a serious matter for children is because many parents, educators and kids have little to no knowledge about it. 

This results in a child’s self esteem being damaged.  They are often called stupid and they end up believing they are.  Once they believe that they are stupid and not as smart as other kids.  They end up losing hope that they will ever amount to anything in life.

If they do not have a strong support group around them. They could end up avoiding school to avoid the embarrassment.  If they start avoiding school, they often end up becoming friends with other individuals that do not have the same values or desire to go to school either.

When they start hanging out with other individuals that are avoided school.  Those kids may have grown up in unfortunate circumstances.  They may not have had supportive parent, opportunities, resources, friends and family that nurtured them and gave them the love and attention that every child deserves.Sooner or later the dyslexic child will realize that they excel in very specific areas, math, art, science etc etc. 

With this new discovery that they are not stupid, they start to get attention from the circles of people that they are now involved with.  Dyslexics are often very very creative, hopefully the circle of people that they are now with are artists, writers, poets singers, crafters, builders, designers etc.

Unfortunately, sometimes the circle of people they end up with have agendas that is a parents worst nightmare!  This story almost never has a good ending.

If you are wondering why I am telling you this. It’s because I am dyslexic and I am also a fellow parent. As parents all we want for our children is the best in life.
Dyslexia is something that sometimes is hard to spot as a parent. Even though I am dyslexic, it took me years to realize that one of my own daughters is dyslexic as well. I wasn’t even the person that spotted it.

Unlike ADD and other issues that children may face. You can’t go to the doctor, get some pills and calm your child down or change their behavior.  If they have dyslexia the cure is more education.  Since there is no drug to cure it, people don’t use it as an excuse and hope a pill will cure it.  Drug companies can’t make a profit off of it.  So there is no need for drug companies to advertise the symptoms and create easy ways for you to get diagnosed so they can sell you more drugs.  It’s simple and plain. If a child has dyslexia, there is no shortcuts or cure. You must put in the work to learn the process of how to take in information in a way that you can analyze it the most efficient and effective way.

Below is a very informative HBO documentary on dyslexia. Hopefully you will get a chance to watch it. If you end up noticing some of the symptoms of the individuals in the documentary as some of the traits your child may have. Then I would highly suggest getting your child tested.

I hope this helps all those that hit me up to get more information on dyslexia. As for all my fellow dyslexic and proud people reading this blog. Please leave comments on my page of any educators, organizations, websites, articles, videos and any other resources that can help parents and kids reading this that might want more information. Or just leave a comment that you are dyslexic and proud to show others that it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Here is the trailer of the documentary . I wish everybody a happy and safe weekend.”