Learning Ally’s 1 in 5 Initiative PSA


Did you know that 60 million Americans are dyslexic?

That’s 1 in 5 people in the United States afflicted with a disability that affects a person’s capacity to read printed words.

If this number seems unbelievable to you, we understand why.  Dyslexia is invisible.  You can’t see it, unlike the case for many other disabilities.  And that makes it harder to diagnose, but no less pervasive.  And for the millions of people who struggle to read, it’s plenty real and plenty painful.

There are millions of people – including millions of kids – who struggle with the frustration of being ridiculed and labeled.  From the 11-year old who is called lazy, slow, and stupid by his teachers and peers to the undiagnosed adult who can’t land a job because he can’t fill out a job application, dyslexia scars and bruises on the inside – stifling self-esteem and shattering confidence.

But there is hope.

The 1 in 5 Initiative  was created by Learning Ally in response to the fact that there was a severe lack of awareness about dyslexia.  Explore1in5.org is a haven for dyslexics and their families – a place where people dealing with dyslexia can share their stories and experiences and not get judged or ignored.  In addition to the website, 1 in 5 includes:

  • TV, radio, and print PSA’s
  • Web Banners
  • Professional and user-generated resources

Until now, there has never been a national awareness campaign for dyslexia.  Until now, dyslexics and their families were dealing with the dyslexia journey on their own without a unified voice.

But now it’s different.

We would like you and your organization to assist us in launching our Fall 2013 National Dyslexia Awareness Campaign – the first ever campaign of its kind!  Please let us know by August 1, 2013 so we can recognize you as a supporter in explore1in5.org.

There are many ways for you to contribute – from donating airtime or print space, to underwriting events, guerilla marketing, and more.  For more information about how you can participate in this unprecedented event, please call or email our PR Director, Doug Sprei – 1.609.243.5865 or dsprei@learningally.org, and be sure to check out the media assets on the enclosed DVD, including TV, print, radio, web banners, and more.

On behalf of the millions of people you will be helping to realize their true potential, thank you!


Jim Maloney,

Vice President, Marketing

For the actual letter from Learning Ally, please click here: 1 in 5 Initiative

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