Section 504

From Emotions to Advocacy

Section 504

Wrightslaw From Emotions to Advocacy 2nd Edition, pages 196-197:

The language of ADA tracks Section 504 and explains that the remedies, procedures, and rights under the ADA are the same as under the Rehabilitation Act.  Except for accessibility of buildings, and modifications and accommodations in testing, compared to IDEA 2004, Section 504 and ADA provide fewer protections and benefits to children with disabilities.

Unlike IDEA, Section 504 and ADA do not ensure that a child with a disability will receive an individualized educational program that is designed to meet the child’s unique needs and provide the child with educational benefit, so the child will be prepared “for employment and independent living.”

The child with a Section 504 Plan has fewer rights and protections than the child who receives special education services under IDEA.  The child who receives special education services under IDEA is automatically protected under Section 504.

Unlike Section 504, IDEA requires that parents be participants in all meetings about their child’s eligibility, special education program, and placements.


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