Dyslexia Pilot Project Year 3

ODE Dyslexia Pilot Project


The much awaited Evaluation of the Dyslexia Pilot Project: Year 3 was finally published on the Ohio Department of Education’s website.  Ohio Revised Code 3323.25 established a 3 year  “pilot project to provide early screening and intervention services for children with risk factors for dyslexia, including low phonemic awareness” starting with the 2012/13 school year and ending with the 2014/15 school year.

The final report was written in September 2015, but the publishing of the final report had been postponed due to legal review and was just released to the public in early April.  The Office of Exceptional Children held a meeting on January 12, 2016 in which favorable results of the final year were presented to the Dyslexia Pilot Project Advisory Committee.  Excerpts from the presentation’s conclusions and recommendations:

  • Among the participating school districts, exemplary practices have emerged in meeting the needs of students at risk of reading failure.
  • Building a proactive, tiered system of support requires systemic change to ameliorating student risk and providing teacher professional learning opportunities (competency), organizational capacity, and leadership.

To view the full report:  Evaluation of the Dyslexia Pilot Project: Year 3

Dyslexia Pilot Project Year 3