Pickerington Schools Say Dyslexia



Pickerington Mayor Lee Gray will be at the Pickerington Schools Board of Education meeting Monday, November 16th at 7pm to present a Dyslexia Awareness Month proclamation to Blythe Wood, Academic and Behavioral Coach for the district as well as a COBIDA board member, who is hard at work training the district’s teachers in Orton-Gillingham.

On October 30, 2015, Pickerington Schools posted the following on facebook:

Congratulations to 12 of our great teachers, who recently completed the Orton Gillingham/Multisensory Language Education training program. The training is “a direct, systematic and sequential instruction that empowers educators to teach the foundation of the English language.”

The following teachers completed the training: Jennifer Barstow and Jenny Nihiser (Harmon), Kristen Drummond (Fairfield), Heather Carberry (Tussing), Julie Linstedt and Sarah Smith (Sycamore Creek), Lora Skirpan and Mary Beth Johann (Violet), Danielle Terry and Nicky Holland (Toll Gate Elementary), Sharon Hannah (Central), and Stephanie Schmitz (Diley.)

Five of these teachers sat for and passed the national Alliance individual certification exam for Orton Gillingham and are able to identify themselves as Certified Academic Language Practitioners. Those teachers were Ms. Hannah, Ms. Skirpan, Ms. Carberry, Ms. Schmitz and Ms. Drummond.

The training consists of 60 lecture hours, 100 supervised practicum hours, three literature reviews and 10 chapter summaries from a college textbook.

The district currently is training its second set of teachers in the program.