we needyou to make it happen 1

We Need YOU!

we needyou to make it happen 1

Any effort, whether great or small, is very much appreciated to help spread awareness about dyslexia and getting schools to implement evidenced based reading programs.  Here are a few ideas to get you started!

If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.  ~  Dalai Lama


Get Educated
  • Knowing special education law is a must!  Peter Wright is a special ed lawyer that also happens to be dyslexic as well as ADHD.  Every parent must read Wrightslaw’s From Emotions to Advocacy  (see my “cliffnotes” here), sign up for their email newsletters, and refer to his website often – it has everything a parent needs to know!
  • Subscribe to the International Dyslexia Association’s e-newsletter – it is FREE!
  • Take this 10 hour online introductory Orton-Gillingham course developed by Fellows of the Academy of Orton-Gillingham Practitioners and Educators!
  • Purchase this USB drive from the Advocacy Institute containing over 75 hours of webinars presented by the nation’s leading experts!
  • Learn more at NCLD’s IEP Headquarters!
  • Check out more resources here!


Join Organizations


In Your School District
  • Contact your OCECD Parent Mentor and ask if they can:
    • Schedule a Parent Training Session on Dyslexia
    • Schedule a Dyslexia Simulation
    • Schedule a Q&A session following a viewing of The Big Picture Move:  Rethinking Dyslexia
    • help you start your own local Decoding Dyslexia OH group in your school district!
  • Go to school board meetings and consider becoming a school board member!  Click here for candidate requirement guide.
  • Send school board members, administrators, and teachers information about dyslexia and evidence based reading programs.
  • Request teacher development and training in understanding and remediating dyslexia to support the dyslexic children within our educational system.
  • Ask local businesses and employers to donate to an educational training fund as they have a vested interest in schools that produce literate future employees.
  • Ask your school district to start a not-for-profit educational fund for the training of teachers in researched based reading programs approved by the  Ohio Board of Regents, which are aligned with the International Dyslexia Association’s Knowledge and Practice Standards for Teachers of Reading (2010) and includes the following requirements:

complete a one‐to‐one practicum with a student or small group of one to three well‐matched studentswho have a documented reading disability. A recognized, certified instructor* provides consistent oversight and observations of instruction delivered to the same student(s) over time, and the practicum continues until expected proficiency is reached.**

*A recognized or certified instructor is an individual who has met all of the requirements of the level they supervise but who has additional content knowledge and experience in implementing and observing instruction for students with dyslexia and other reading difficulties in varied settings. A recognized instructor has been recommended by or certified by an approved trainer mentorship program that meets these standards. The trainer mentorship program has been reviewed by and approved by the IDA Standards and Practices Committee.

**Documentation of proficiency must be 1) completed by a recognized/certified instructor providing oversight in the specified program; 2) completed during full (not partial) lesson observations; and 3) must occur at various intervals throughout the instructional period with student.


If we sit back and wait for someone to do something, nothing will change.  We need to take the initiative to spread awareness and promote the change we want to see in our educational system.

A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history.  ~  Mahatma Ghandi

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